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Erica is a therapist who has the compassion to listen and try to understand you, and one who has the skills to help you reconcile any personal experience to help you move your life forward in a positive way. I highly recommend her for individual and family counseling!

My brief story - I suffered the loss of my mother and grandmother (who I took care of) within a very short period of time. At the same time, for unrelated reasons, my significant other and I separated. There is no magic bullet, but I can tell you if you listen to Erica, and if you do the work, over time your eyes will once again open and you will again be able to see the sunshine!

A couple of observations about Erica: Her technique is so comforting. She listens and works hard to understand the sensitivity of your story. She is not passive, she will ask you questions so that you can think about options, alternatives, and perspectives. If you stick with it like I did, I have confidence that you, too, will be able to reconcile the events that led you to her, and you will be able to move on with a healthy & positive life.


I highly recommend Erica as a therapist. I have been going to Erica for over a year now. I originally went to therapy to help with my insecurities around sexuality and jealousies. I was constantly anxious and “triggered” by stimuli everywhere. I was so in my head about whether or not my significant others were viewing/attracted to certain imagery that I was losing out on relationships. I had circular patterns of thinking and felt incredibly stuck. I had avoided therapy for years, but I finally realized that I needed outside help to deal with my issues.

I highly recommend seeing Erica for any issues you may be having. She is sweet, caring, and tactful in the ways that she addresses your needs and challenges you to improve

With Erica, we looked into my past to examine how my mindset originally formed. This really helped me to see why I developed the way I did. That sort of outside recognition helped me to really let go of any judgement I had towards myself for having those viewpoints in the first place. It also helped me to understand other individual's different backgrounds and development of viewpoints better. Then we began the really tough work of moving towards new perspectives.

It takes a lot of work to rewire your thinking patterns, but with Erica’s help, I am now much more comfortable with everyone’s individual sexuality, and I don’t see variations in that as such a threat anymore. I have actually begun to view relationships entirely differently. Instead of being so focused on physical aspects only, I have begun to value deeper qualities and connections. I have a better understanding of more realistic expectations of myself, others, and relationships in general. In addition, I have built up my confidence in myself and am learning to see what I bring to the table other than just my looks or sexuality.

While I still occasionally get “triggered” and feel anxious, I have developed better thinking patterns to move past those periods and no longer get “stuck” inside my head as often or for nearly as long. I am becoming a better version of myself. Furthermore, I am learning improved communication techniques, specifically how to express my feelings in a productive, logical way, rather than just reacting or “exploding” on people. I feel calmer within my current romantic relationship and more satisfied as a result. As a side note, we also worked on issues within my familial relationships which significantly helped me to better express myself and communicate with family members.

I am so happy that I did therapy with her, as I feel I am at a much better place in my life now.

Anonymous FEMALE Client

"Erica is such a warm, compassionate person and very easy to talk to!  Her experience allows positive change in regards to communication, conflict and figuring out what is missing to make it right.  She is passionate about what she does and is an asset to anyone wanting to improve their relationships and learn skills!  I highly recommend her and her services!

Anonymous FEMALE Client

"As a teen, it can feel overwhelming to go into therapy. Ms. Erica opened my eyes up to all these new possibilities I never knew existed. Her strategies were fun and creative, allowing me to really understand the root of my anxieties or stressors. It made me feel safe, it was like a safe space where I could say anything and everything without feeling judged in any way, shape, or form... "


"Eric was a great help during a difficult transitory period in my life. He accurately assessed my underlying issues, and regularly brought attention to several recurring thoughts & circumstances, many of which I was unaware of. I think he is a great therapist, and is able to make people from almost any background and perspective feel comfortable with sharing their problems with him..."


"I am so glad that I saw Eric for consultation and therapy at this difficult time in my life.  He is very warm, compassionate and was so helpful. I had the best experience with him. He is an awesome person and a great psychotherapist."


"Eric and Erica are both wonderful!! They opened my eyes up to things I never thought of before and taught me not only skills I can use in my relationship, but in life. Having them both in couples therapy allows for both husband and wife to feel comfortable and feel as if the therapy isn’t one sided. Thank you both for everything!."


"My wife and I were having some challenges in our marriage. I started looking for some counseling or couples therapy, but felt torn between a male therapist and a female therapist. Eric and Erica were such a blessing in our lives and helped us to get our marriage and our relationship back on track. I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially couples!"


"Eric and Erica make a superb team! To my surprise both Eric and Erica were very understanding and both brought unique insights on various issues that came up. Knowing that we had both a male and female prospective on each issue was invaluable. Our time spent with Eric and Erica strengthened our marriage immensely and we are extremely happy together."


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