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We are dedicated to helping Couples, Adults, Families, and Teens to Thrive in Life, and to Achieve their True Destinies.

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Erica & Eric are Passionate, Experienced, and Focused on Helping Couples, Individuals, Teens, and Families Located ANYWHERE in the State of Florida.

What We do

Therapy & Counseling Services With Husband & Wife Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Team

ERICA & ERIC work with Couples, Teens, Women, Men, and Families using a philosophy and belief that 'a person is not the problem - it's the problem that's the problem.'  We explore our client's relationships and the interactional patterns they have with others. including their partners and families. 

COUPLES & FAMILIES can experience the unique opportunity to work in our Co-Therapy team format. You will be in session with both Eric & Erica, a Husband and Wife team - and receive the benefit of working with two therapists with multiple perspectives and experiences.

why We do it

To Help Couples, Adults, Families & Teens Better Cope With Relationships and Life's Unpredictable Challenges and Stress

SOCIETY often associates therapy and counseling services with a negative stigma. Is there something wrong with the person? Why do they act like they do? Can't they just be 'fixed'? Can't they just "get over it already?" These are common questions associated with mental health.

SELF-EXPLORATION can be a very daunting and intimidating process. It is quite normal and common to feel or be told by others that you: 'need to be fixed', 'are broken', 'crazy' 'wrong' or 'at-fault'. You may be feeling embarrassed, anxious or uncomfortable even visiting our website or contemplating seeking professional therapy services. We Understand and Never Judge. 

affordable RATES

Private Pay & Insurance Options

AFFORDABLY priced private-pay session fees accommodate almost all budgets. One advantage of choosing the private-pay option is that only our clients and Erica & Eric are the ones who determine the number and frequency and length of sessions - not an insurance company..

INSURANCE is accepted only for individual (not couples or families) clients who have mental health insurance benefits provided by: Aetna, Optum (Oxford, UMR, Oscar Health, Avmed) Cigna, and United Healthcare. Insurance benefits are verified and claims are processed through our billing/administrative partner, Headway Florida Behavioral Health Services, P.A. and/or Grow Healthcare Group, P.A.

There are many pros/cons about choosing between private pay and insurance options.

Our Specialized Services...

Serving Clients in our Boca Raton Office or Anywhere In Florida by Easy & Secure Video Sessions

Couple's Therapy

Helping Unmarried Couple's Resolve Relationship Challenges. Unique Husband & Wife Licensed Therapy Team. Let Eric & Erica Help Today.

Marriage Counseling

Helping Married Couples Resolve Conflict, Heal Wounds. and Improve Communications. Let The Husband & Wife Team of Eric & Erica Help Today.

Teenage Girls

Erica's Speciality Is Helping Teen Girls Overcome Adolescence & Relationship Challenges, Gain Confidence, and Lessen Anxiety & Stress.

Teenage Boys

We Help Teen Boys Navigate The Challenges of Adolescence, Gain Confidence and Process Emotions. Work With Erica, Eric, or Both.

Family Therapy

We Help Families From Diverse Backgrounds To Heal, Communicate Effectively, and Create Strong &  Healthy Interactions and Bonds.

Women's Issues

Erica Helps Women of All Ages and Backgrounds Overcome  Challenges  in Life, Career & Relationships, and to Explore Their Emotions.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Eric & Erica Help Couples Resolve Relationship Issues Before The Wedding. Unique Experience of Co-Therapy With Husband & Wife Team.

College Students

Erica Helps College Students (18-25) Overcome  Challenges  in School, Life, & Relationships, and to Explore Their Emotions.


Erica Helps Millennials of All Backgrounds Overcome  Challenges  in Life, Career & Relationships, and to Explore Their Emotions.

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The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be…” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who Am I?

ERICA is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Family Trauma Professional and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. I've earned Masters Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as in Education.

PASSIONATE, experienced and sensitive therapist specializing in working with Teenagers, Adolescents, College Students, Millennials, Women, Couples and Families.  I accept my clients where they are in life – and do not focus on changing them. It takes tremendous courage to face your fears, address your weaknesses and ask for help, guidance and compassion from another person. Allow me the honor to show you the respect you deserve, and embrace your stories and unique experiences with the goal of helping you reach your dreams, overcome difficulties, and thrive as you traverse life’s paths towards Discovering your True Destiny..

Erica H. Epstein, LMFT

Who Am I?

ERIC is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an attorney with 29+ years experience and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. 

NON-JUDGMENTAL, empathetic and experienced therapist specializing in helping Couples, Men, Families and Professionals.  During my life’s journey, I have gone through periods where I felt overwhelmed, stuck or simply confused as to how to open-up and explore my emotions as a man in our society. I understand the challenge that men often experience letting down their guard to freely explore their emotions in their lives and relationships.

Eric B. Epstein, LMFT

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Satisfied Clients...

Anonymous Teen

Her strategies were fun & creative... a safe space... without feeling judged...

" As a teen, it can feel overwhelming to go into therapy. Ms. Erica opened my eyes up to all these new possibilities I never knew existed. Her strategies were fun and creative... a safe space... without feeling judged..., allowing me to really understand the root of my anxieties or stressors. It made me feel safe, where I could say anything and everything without feeling judged in any way, shape, or form..."

Anonymous Couple

Having them allows for both husband and wife to feel comfortable...

"Eric and Erica are both wonderful!! They opened my eyes up to things I never thought of before and taught me not only skills I can use in my relationship, but in life. Having them both in couples therapy allows for both husband and wife to feel comfortable and feel as if the therapy isn’t one sided. Thank you both for everything!."


I think he is a great therapist...and makes people feel comfortable...

"Eric was a great help. He accurately assessed my issues, and regularly brought attention to recurring thoughts & circumstances, many of which I was unaware of. I think he is a great therapist, and is able to make people from almost any background and perspective feel comfortable with sharing their problems with him..."

Easy Process To Work With Erica & Eric.


Learn about our services and our backgrounds
Review our website to learn about our therapy and counseling services, including our unique Husband & Wife Co-Therapy Team approach to couples & marriage counseling. Read our backgrounds and how we have dedicated our professional lives to helping individual, couples and family overcome challenges, grow, and thrive.


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When you're ready, we will schedule a date/time for our 1st session. We offer the option of seeing you in-person in our convenient Boca Raton Office. We also specialize in working with clients via secure & private Video sessions from the comfort of home or office (HIPAA-Compliant system). Whatever works for you - works for us too. 


Complete our intake forms and questionnaire.
We will email you (and your partner or a minor's co-parent) a link to our secure Client Portal where you will fill-out our easy to complete Intake Forms and Client Questionnaire. We use the questionnaire to help us learn some background about your situation, and your perspective about your concern and goals.


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