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Going to college can be an exhilarating experience for young people. It marks the transition from one chapter of life to another and provides numerous opportunities for personal growth and new experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.
However, college life can also be stressful and overwhelming. Many students face a range of challenges, including academic demands, relationship issues, eating disorders, family conflicts, substance abuse, and financial strains. Some students come to college with pre-existing mental health conditions, while others develop new mental health issues during their time in college. It's important to note that 75% of lifetime mental health conditions emerge by the age of 24, making college a critical time for the onset of these issues. Despite the high prevalence of mental health problems among college students, a staggering 40% of those who are struggling do not seek help.
It can all feel so overwhelming!!!

Common Issues

I Love Helping College Students Better Cope With Issues Impacting Their Lives

Feeling "Outside-In"

It's very common for college-aged young adults to struggle with the pressure to meet expectations of parents, friends, professors, romantic partners, and society in general. Is life full of an immense pressure to succeed, but also is there shame in your struggle?  Do you wear a strong mask to the outside world, but take it off in private and feel insecure, inadequate or confused? Have you worn these masks for so long that it's hard to peel it off your face? Are you ready to take-off the masks and show the world and yourself the true authentic you? Let me help you in a sensitive, understanding and non-judgmental environment

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Parental "Tug-Of-War"

It is often difficult to cope with having different values, belief and judgments than your parents. Do you feel confused about how to balance these different beliefs? Do your parents "guilt" or "shame" you for having different values or views than they do? How do you stay connected to parents and family while maintaining your independence as a young adult? Is your mom or dad struggling to incorporate the views and beliefs of the younger generation with their own? Let's explore your family relationships and learn to drop the rope.

Finding Myself in this Fast-Paced World

Gen Z young adults have the advantage of being assertive, self-reliant, and knowledgeable. Despite these advantages, college-age individuals often struggle to find their true identity. I frequently encounter men and women in their late teens and early twenties who ask questions like "Am I really good enough?" and "How do I cope with FOMO?" The stress and anxiety they experience is driven by comparisons to friends who are doing or thinking about different things. This contrast between external success and internal insecurity is a confusing and disheartening phenomenon. What sets this generation apart from previous ones is their unique way of communicating. This group deserves personalized support from a therapist, such as myself, who understand their specific concerns, instead of dismissing them. My goal is to accept you as you are and not try to alter you. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery together and find your true "selfie."

How To Navigate Romantic Relationships

College-aged young adults may encounter various difficulties in their romantic relationships, such as ineffective communication, trust problems, self-doubt, and clashing expectations. These challenges can trigger feelings of annoyance, anger, and disappointment, making it challenging to manage on their own. Therapy can assist young adults in overcoming these difficulties by providing a secure and supportive environment for them to process their emotions and develop more productive relationship skills. Through therapy, young adults can learn how to communicate more effectively, establish trust, and enhance their emotional intelligence, leading to more meaningful and fulfilling romantic relationships. Furthermore, therapy can help young adults identify and address any underlying emotional or psychological concerns that may be impacting their relationships, such as past traumatic experiences or low self-esteem. By seeking help from a mental health professional, young adults can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships and work towards creating the type of partnerships they desire.

Other Common Issues

As a college-aged adult, you may be facing some tough stuff right now - from stress and anxiety, to figuring out who you are and what you want in life. It's normal to feel overwhelmed, and sometimes it's hard to handle everything on your own. That's where therapy comes in. Think of it as a space to unload and work through whatever's on your mind. Whether you're struggling with mental health issues, anxiety, body image, sexual orientation, gender identity, or just figuring out your place in the world, therapy can help you make sense of it all. You'll get to work with Erica, a mental health pro and mom of a college student, who will listen, support you, and help you develop the skills you need to feel better and move forward. It's all about taking control of your well-being and creating the life you want. So don't be afraid to reach out - therapy can be a game-changer for you.

College-aged adults can face a variety of challenges that can have a major impact on their lives, regardless of whether they stem from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, compulsions, postpartum depression, abuse/intimate partner violence, infertility, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality, or parent-child interactions. Despite the significant impact these issues can have, many college-aged adults may feel pressure from society, friends, and family to maintain a strong and confident demeanor. As a result, they may feel compelled to suffer in silence. However, seeking help through therapy can provide a supportive environment to work through these challenges and promote personal growth and well-being.

Why I'm Unique

Experienced and Dedicated Professional & Mom of College Student

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist:

I am passionate about working with college-aged adults who are seeking a safe space to be heard, validated, understood, and accepted. Life can be a balancing act, with demands from work, school, relationships, and family all competing for attention. I understand that you may be searching for a place to process your feelings and emotions. I am dedicated to creating a supportive environment where you can explore your inner thoughts and feelings with me in a non-judgmental, unbiased, and relatable way. I recognize that college-aged adults face unique challenges in today's society and I am committed to helping you navigate them. Remember, it's okay to need help. It's okay to feel vulnerable. It's okay to just be yourself.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist:

Exploring Your Place In The World:

Though friends and family may try to listen and offer advice, they may not be equipped to provide the level of support you need to process and explore your emotions in a healthy way. That's where I come in as a licensed therapist. I'm dedicated to creating a safe, understanding, and non-judgmental space for college-aged adults to work through their emotions and grow into their best selves. Our sessions will center around you, but we will also examine how your concerns fit into the bigger picture of your relationships with family, friends, partners, and school. You don't have to go through this alone.

The Problem Is The Problem:

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I firmly adhere to the belief that the person isn't the problem - the problem is the problem. That means that when I work with a client, I don't see or view her as being the problem. Rather, my focus is on how a situation or condition in her life become a problem for her or for relationships that she has. This perspective is fundamental to my focus on patterns and relationships. I work with women to discover how they relate to others in their life, how those relationships impact their own identity, and how to cope and adapt to their ever-changing nature. Most importantly, I accept my clients where they are in life – and do not focus on changing them. Remember, its the problem that needs to be solved - not you that needs to change.

The Problem Is The Problem:

Experienced & Non-Judgmental:

Working with college-aged students has shown me that therapy only works if the therapist gets where you're coming from and cares about helping. That's why I tailor my approach to fit each person's individual needs and personality. Therapy can help you make sense of your daily struggles, boost your confidence, find your voice, and better handle life's challenges. Even though your friends and family may listen and offer advice, they may not have the tools to support you in processing your emotions in a healthy way. That's where I come in. I'm here to help you navigate your feelings and grow stronger.


ERICA is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Family Trauma Professional and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. I've earned Masters Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as in Education.

PASSIONATE, experienced and sensitive therapist specializing in working with College Students, Teenagers,  and Families.  I accept my clients where they are in life – and do not focus on changing them. It takes tremendous courage to face your fears, address your weaknesses and ask for help, guidance and compassion from another person. Allow me the honor to show you the respect you deserve, and embrace your stories and unique experiences with the goal of helping you reach your dreams, overcome difficulties, and thrive as you traverse life’s paths towards Discovering your True Destiny..

Erica H. Epstein, LMFT

affordable RATES

Private Pay & Insurance Options

AFFORDABLY priced private-pay session fees accommodate almost all budgets. One advantage of choosing the private-pay option is that only my clients and I are the ones who determine the number and frequency and length of sessions - not an insurance company.

INSURANCE is accepted only for individual (not couples or families) clients who have mental health insurance benefits provided by: Aetna, Optum (Oxford, UMR, Oscar Health, Avmed) Cigna, and United Healthcare. Insurance benefits are verified and claims are processed through out billing/administrative partner, Headway Florida Behavioral Health Services, P.A. and/or Grow Healthcare Group, P.A.

There are many pros/cons about choosing between private pay and insurance options.

Benefits of Therapy

Trauma Resolution

You may recognize trauma and abuse as part of your history, but often are unaware of how you're adversely affected by these events in your current life. I can help you process the pain and reduce its damaging impact.

Depression & Anxiety

Many college students come to counseling suffering from depression or anxiety, regardless if diagnosed or undiagnosed. I provide strategies to change your thinking and explore the root causes of the unwanted feelings.

Self Esteem

Many of you may struggle with self-esteem issues. This concept is about two related words. The "Self" is answering the question: who am I now as a young adult? "Esteem" is answering the question: how do I value who I am now?

Fix Smaller Issues

Therapy doesn’t need to be reserved for life altering events or major concerns. I work with many college students who only want to tweak some aspects of their life. I can help prevent your minor issues from turning into major problems.

Life Transitions

Transitions can be difficult for college students. Regardless of the change (relationship status, starting or graduating college, figuring out potential careers, or separating from the influence of parents), I can help you process the feelings and learn coping skills to adapt..

Self Care

Going to therapy doesn't have to be for big problems only. I help lots of college students who want to make some changes in their life. By talking to me, we can stop small problems from turning into big ones. I'm here to listen and help you make your life better, no matter what you're going through.



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The percentage of of college students dealing with depression (ACHA)

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Satisfied Clients...


She made me feel so comfortable..We had a great connection

My transition to college and moving to a new state was very rough for me. I am so happy I talked to Erica as i was going through this challenging period. She made me feel so comfortable and it felt like talking to someone I have known for years. She is a very involved therapist that always asks thoughtful questions and pushes me think in new ways and to understand myself more deeply. She always checks in to make sure we are on the same page and that I am happy with my progress. We had a great connection and I can’t say enough good things about working with her!

Anonymous Client

I don't know where I would be without her...

"Dealing with anxiety and feeling alone is hard. Especially while balancing out school and friendships. Therapy has helped me so much, strategies to help cope with anxiety, ways to calm down and much more, When I first started therapy I had 2 friends, hard school work and a lot of overwhelming thoughts. Now I am very happy and have many friends. I am beyond thankful for her help,"


She is sweet, caring, and tactful in the ways that she addresses your needs..

I highly recommend Erica as a therapist. It takes a lot of work to rewire your thinking patterns, but with Erica’s help, I am now much more comfortable. She is sweet, caring, and tactful in the ways that she addresses your needs and challenges you to improve. I am so happy that I did therapy with her. I am at a much better place in my life now."

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