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Common Issues

Families Seek Our Family Counseling Services To Solve Problems Impacting Their Relationships

The Evolution of Family:

All families come in different sizes, dynamics, and situations. We all start life comprised of being in a family, whether that be blood relatives, adopted parents, a close-knit community, or a foster family. The family that we acquire when we are born influence every facet of our beings, from the beginning of time to our last. Our family affects who we are and who we become. We learn all of our primary skills early on, especially how we come to perceive our world around us. We also learn how to love and interact with others from these first impressionable relationships."We are all longing for belonging..."

Healthy or Dysfunctional Family Perspectives

The family is a social system where change or illness in one family member may impact the larger family dynamic. As systemic therapists, we use a family systems perspective to understand family history, communication patterns and dynamics to see the bigger picture of the presenting problem and develop strategies for long-term improvement.
If we are born into a healthy and functioning family, we are most likely to form and maintain healthy relationships. If we are born into a dysfunctional family that has difficulty connecting, that may affect our connection with others. However, these type of situations can be overcome with intentional therapeutic work. Commonly, most families deal with some sort of maladaptation at some point. Most families do strive to work as an interconnected structure to regain wholeness. 

"Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one..."

Finding Our Family's Blueprint

Family therapy with Erica and Eric will consist of working to address specific issues affecting the health and functioning of a family. We will encourage a family through a tumultuous period, a chaotic transition that may be impacting family members, or help with any mental or behavioral problems exhibited by family members. We view individual problems in the context of the larger unit, which is the family. We aim to understand and process the dynamics of the family in ways that are impacting and causing a shift in the family unit. Families are complex in that relational or behavioral patterns have existed long before they were cognizant of any issues.

"In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, the bridge to our future..."

Parenting and Blended-Families

A blended family or step-family suffer from problems unique to their situations. We help to enhance understanding and facilitate healthy interactions between family members. There are times that differences between step-family members interfere with the way they perceive their own issues in relation to other family members.
Families who come from mixed races, cultural or religious backgrounds may struggle to get to a common ground. The goal we can help with is to get all family members to bridge the gap between one another to better understand where they have come from. 
"Family is family, whether it's one you start out with, the one you end up with, or the family you gain along the way...

Families are often able to overcome challenging moments and situations without the need of expert help. However, sometimes those challenges are too much for a family to deal with on their own. Example of such situations are when families are suddenly forced to deal with and adjust to: (i) newly-born or adopted children; (ii) divorce or the remarriage of a parent; (iii) the impact of a step-parent; (iv) a family member with a sudden illness; (v) a child born into the family with "special needs" or a disability; or (vi) communication difficulties, conflict or lack of connection between family members. Our goal is short-term therapy focused on measurable outcomes and achievable goals.

Who Am I?

ERICA is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Family Trauma Professional and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. I've earned Masters Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as in Education.

PASSIONATE, experienced and sensitive therapist specializing in working with Families, Teenagers, and Adolescents.  I accept my clients where they are in life – and do not focus on changing them. It takes tremendous courage to face your fears, address your weaknesses and ask for help, guidance and compassion from another person. Allow me the honor to show you the respect you deserve, and embrace your stories and unique experiences with the goal of helping you reach your dreams, overcome difficulties, and thrive as you traverse life’s paths towards Discovering your True Destiny..

Erica H. Epstein, LMFT

"All Families Are Wrong Because They Are Certain And Certainty Is The Enemy Of Change..."

- Salvador Minuchin

affordable RATES

Private Pay & Insurance Options

AFFORDABLY priced private-pay session fees accommodate almost all budgets. Erica offers convenient 50-minute sessions at reasonable private pay rates.  One advantage of choosing the private-pay option is that only my clients and I are the ones who determine the number and frequency and length of sessions - not an insurance company.

INSURANCE is accepted only for individual (not couples or families) clients who have mental health insurance benefits provided by: Aetna, Optum (Oxford, UMR, Oscar Health, Avmed) Cigna, and United Healthcare. Insurance benefits are verified and claims are processed through out billing/administrative partner, Headway Florida Behavioral Health Services, P.A. and/or Grow Healthcare Group, P.A.

There are many pros/cons about choosing between private pay and insurance options.

Benefits of Therapy For Families

Positive Regard

Many families that first come to work with us are caught in a vicious cycle of negative inferences of one another. When one member does 'x', the others tend to immediately assume a negative interpretation of 'x' or of the person's intentions in choosing to do 'x'. We break that cycle.

Communication Skills

Families often have difficulty expressing their emotions and feelings to one another without it leading to argument, and resentment. We give them a safe place to express themselves, and develop communication skills to better understand each family member's thoughts and feelings.

Deeper Connections

Many families in today's world are so busy with work, school, sports, activities, that they have lost the time and skill to interact with one another. This creates separations between family members.  We help families learn to reconnect and form deep bonds despite the distractions in their lives. 

Eliminate Problems

Some relationships exhibit certain well-researched negative characteristics of relationships: Criticism; Contempt; Defensiveness; Stonewalling. We teach families to recognize these negative behaviors, and to engage in specific actions to act as antidotes to create healthier interactions.



The fraction of moms & dad who report not having enough time to spend with their children.


The percentage of fathers in the U.S. who report they don't spend enough time with their kids. 


The percentage of children in the United States living with two married parents - an all-time low. 


The percentage of children living in a "blended" family, i.e., with a step-parent, step or half-sibling.

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"Eric and Erica are both wonderful!! They opened my eyes up to things I never thought of before and taught me not only skills I can use in my relationship, but in life. Having them both in couples therapy allows for both husband and wife to feel comfortable and feel as if the therapy isn’t one sided. Thank you both for everything!."

A.P. & V.P.

Eric and Erica were such a blessing in our lives and helped us...

"My wife and I were having some challenges in our marriage. I started looking for some counseling or couples therapy, but felt torn between a male therapist and a female therapist. Eric and Erica were such a blessing in our lives and helped us to get our marriage and our relationship back on track. I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially couples!"


Our time spent with Eric and Erica strengthened our marriage immensely...

"Eric and Erica make a superb team! To my surprise both Eric and Erica were very understanding and both brought unique insights on various issues that came up. Knowing that we had both a male and female prospective on each issue was invaluable. Our time spent with Eric and Erica strengthened our marriage immensely and we are extremely happy together."

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