How Emotional Intelligence Affects the Quality and Length of Relationships

October 14, 2019 in Therapy Related

Emotional Intelligence Impacts Our Daily Relationships

Emotional intelligence (EQ or EI), appears to be more important than IQ for your happiness and success in life. Studies show that people with highly developed emotional intelligence have more successful relationships and perform better at work. In short, your EQ profoundly impacts all aspects of your life, and you can learn strategies to improve it.

Emotional intelligence is about how well you understand and manage your emotions. EQ also involves recognizing and understanding other people’s feelings and responding to them appropriately.  Not only that, high EQ can enhance your relationships and benefit your professional success, but emotional intelligence can help you become more confident, self-possessed, and happier.

Here is a bit more on what EQ is and how it helps you succeed in life.

Emotional Intelligence Features Some Important Attributes

Emotional intelligence is a term first introduced by Daniel Goleman, and the following attributes commonly describe it: Self-awareness; Self-management; Empathy (social awareness); and Relationship management. Honing EQ skills might help you create and maintain good personal relationships, work well with others, boost your negotiating skills, and become an outstanding leader.

Highly developed self-awareness means that you have a good understanding of your emotions. It also means that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and to understand how a particular situation makes you feel. Moreover, high self-awareness also means that you can successfully recognize and acknowledge other people’s feelings and reactions.

Self-management is about emotional regulation, and it means that you can successfully control your emotions, efficiently resolve conflicts, and build healthy relationships.

Empathy involves awareness and understanding of other people’s feelings. Recognizing how other people feel leads to emotional resonance – feeling what another person is feeling. Similarly, empathy means that you are fully mindful of other people’s feelings in the current moment. It means that you can recognize other people’s feelings, acknowledge them, and feel them without judgment.

Relationship Management
Relationship management involves social skills or your competence to interact with other people successfully. High EQ means that you can listen attentively, manage conflicts, understand verbal and nonverbal communication, and use that knowledge to enhance your communication skills.

Mastering EQ Skills Can Make A Difference In Your Life!

Managing Emotions Is Key

Stress is a regular part of our lives. However, if excessive or ongoing, stress can be harmful to your health and overall well-being. Studies show that 90 percent of top performers are good at managing their emotions under pressure. Their resilience allows them to bounce back and quickly recover after stress.
How you manage your emotions can make a big difference in your personal and professional relationships. Highly developed emotional intelligence allows you to calm down when things get heated and successfully manage conflict. This ability, in turn, enables you to successfully communicate with others, solve problems, and achieve your goals.

Emotional Control Is Your Ticket To Relationship Success!

Emotionally Intelligent People Know To Set Boundaries

Most people struggle to say “no” to others’ requests and demands. We feel uncomfortable saying “no” because we want to be liked and accepted. We don’t want to be perceived as impolite or uncooperative, or we fear the possible consequences of saying “no”.

Nevertheless, the ability to say “no” is one of the qualities of highly emotionally intelligent people. Learning how to say “no” is one of the vital life skills that help us set personal boundaries, build healthy relationships, and be happier.

Highly developed EQ allows you to understand that “no” is sometimes a complete sentence that doesn’t require justification. People who tend to say “yes” to everything have weak boundaries. They are likely to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed. Learning to say “no” allows you to be more honest, improves your communication, and helps clarify with others what they can and cannot expect from you.

Learning How To Say “No” Will Make Your Life Easier!

Emotional Intelligence Boosts Your Professional Success

The US Department of Labor study shows that emotional intelligence plays an essential role in hiring. When selecting job candidates, employers usually look for personal qualities such as excellent self-control, flexibility, and outstanding relationship management skills.

This and similar findings suggest that emotional intelligence is more significant in achieving personal, professional, and social success than psychometric intelligence (IQ). Advanced self-regulation abilities, self-awareness, social competence, and empathy are essential in relating to other people in the workplace.

The ability to control your emotions in challenging situations is greatly valued in the business. If you can keep your temper under control, take responsibility for your actions, and successfully predict how other people will react, you are on the right road to becoming an excellent leader.

Managing Emotions & Setting Boundaries Help You Professionally!

Emotional Intelligence Matters More than Psychometric Intelligence

While you need to have high psychometric intelligence (IQ) to be a great problem-solver, to be a leader in your negotiating team, your EQ matters more than your IQ. High EQ can increase your self-esteem, improve your relationships, and accelerate your professional success. Emotional intelligence is key to your personal and professional accomplishment; nurturing your EQ will help you achieve goals, improve your career, strengthen relationships, and have a happy life.

Emotional intelligence is a skill that you can practice. As part of individual or couples' therapy, we often work on increasing your EQ skills to enhance your understanding of emotions and to help you better navigate life, career and, most importantly, your relationships.

EQ Often Helps You Achieve More In Life Than Your IQ!

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