Families with Special-Needs Children

Discovering Destinies understands and really gets “it.” We have lived the journey you are on for 15 years raising our daughter who has developmental disabilities, special-needs and a myriad of medical issues, including Epilepsy.

A family that struggles living with a daily reminder of what could have been but isn’t so. Your special needs child that is a dichotomy- both a beautiful soul and a child that can’t live without the nurturing, guidance, and compassion poured into them.


We understand the days that seem so difficult to get through and the days that may be somewhat easier. We can offer our expertise on development, your child’s care, you as a family unit, the needs that sometimes get forgotten for the “typical” sibling, plenty of resources, and overall our ear and shoulder to cry on.

We have sat in your chair and cried relentlessly in hopes of a better tomorrow. We have been spent emotionally, mentally, and physically.

  • Do you feel like you have been on a merry-go-round of visiting doctors, hospitals, tackling the essential care and needs of your child or loved one and doesn’t it feel like a never-ending ride?
  • Do you often feel like you are losing the grip of control that you wish you had to care for your special needs child but seem too wrapped up in their diagnosis?
  • Can you fulfill the role of parent/guardian and still be able to provide support and attention to other family member’s OR have you felt like you have neglected the love and support you would have given everyone and instead placed it on the “sick” person in the family?
It’s okay to feel angry at your child…
It’s okay to feel sad at your situation…

It’s okay to feel as if you got dealt an unfair life…

It’s okay to feel like hiding or running…

It’s okay to say why me? why us?”…

If you can identify with any of these statements or questions and you have felt like a run-away train making pit stops along the way, then allow Discovering Destinies to provide you with the comfort and therapy it takes for someone to have “walked in your shoes” and have gone through everything plus listed here. We assess your individual/families profile of needs, deficits, and desires. We know what is has been like since we too have been on a difficult journey full of challenges that we have faced for 18 years.

Discovering Destinies, unlike most people that often preach to the choir and don’t share common-core issues such as yours, we appreciate and welcome the diversity of family structures and lifestyles within the community. We have developed insight for respect and an understanding for individual differences. We avoid judgment and, most essentially, Discovering Destinies acknowledges that each family has strengths and resources to build upon the positive aspects of their family. With our gentle approach and intuitiveness we can encourage, guide, and bring about solutions that you may not have been aware of.

No one can take away your experience. However, Discovering Destinies is committed to provide you with the coping tools and perseverance that helped us and we know we can help you!

We Live Your Life too… Let us help you & your family with the challenges of living with a family member with “special needs” or a chronic illness

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