Private Pay Has Tremendous Benefits Versus Using Insurance

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Private Pay vs. Using Insurance

It's a No-Brainer!


  • Control Over Therapy Process
    In our private pay practice, all decisions over your therapy, such as how often to have sessions, when to have sessions, the requirements for continued sessions, and the techniques and modalities used, are ALL controlled by YOU and US. As your therapists, we get to know you over time and come up with the best approach and plan to help you meet your goals. We are trained in various therapeutic approaches and are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.
  • Your Sessions Are Confidential
    As a private-pay practice, we keep all of your records and session notes strictly confidential. Therefore, we do not need to send your confidential information to an insurance company to read and review in order to approve payment reimbursements.
  • We Do Not Diagnose Our Clients
    In a private practice, we are not bound by any insurance requirements. Therefore, we will not diagnose you, your partner or family member with a mental health diagnose just so that we can get paid by an insurance company. Plus, there won't be a mental health diagnosis in your insurance records in the future which can potentially affect insurance coverage and/or your insurance premiums. 
  • We Are A Boutique Practice
    As a strictly private pay practice, we have the luxury of choosing to limit our practice to a reasonable number of clients that we know we are well-prepared to help based upon our experience. We do not need to take-on hundreds of clients whereby you become just a number. We call you a client - not a random patient. We see a limited number of clients per day so that you always get our full and undivided attention. We also limit the number of clients to prevent burnout on our part which would only negatively impact our ability to provide quality services to you.
  • Couple's Therapy & Marriage Counseling
    When we work with couples via private pay, we are able to have longer sessions and design customized approaches for that unique couple. Most importantly, we do not need to find a problem, such as depression or generalized anxiety disorder with one of the partners, just so we can get paid.
  • Benefit From Husband & Wife Team
    In our private pay practice, you have the option to work with both Erica and Eric in Co-Therapy.  We offer that unique experience to individual clients and to our couples. Two Therapists Are Better Than One!


  • No Control Over Your Therapy
    When therapists take insurance, they are required to use methods that are covered by your plan. This means they have less say in how to treat you based on your specific and individual needs. Ironically, the people who work in your insurance company and decide which methods of therapy can be used, are usually not even therapists! And they certainly haven’t met, assessed and personally treated you like your therapist has.
  • Your Sessions Are Shared With The Insurance Co.
    When therapists choose to accept insurance-based clients, they are required and obligated to send your confidential information to your health insurance company for payment reimbursement. Who knows who has access to and is reading your private information?
  • Insurance Requires You To Be Diagnosed
    In order to be reimbursed by an insurance plan, a mental health professional - just like a doctor - must provide a mental health diagnosis from the DSM V. Without a diagnosis, the insurance company won't pay or approve future sessions. Unfortunately, when one is given a mental health diagnoses for insurance reimbursement, the diagnosis can potentially be considered a preexisting condition.
  • Insurance Practices Work On Volume
    Insurance-based practices are volume-driven. Just go to any medical provider who is in-network with a PPO insurance plan or part of a HMO. You will likely see dozens of patients just waiting around for their chance to see the provider. That is why insurance providers refer to you as a "patient." Call an insurance provider and ask them: how many patients do you see a day? How long is your wait for a 1st appointment? Do you think any therapist can counsel 10-15 patients a day and still provide effective and quality based care? We don't think so. In fact, we know so!
  • Couple's Therapy & Marriage Counseling
    Insurance companies generally do not cover or pay for couple's therapy or marriage counseling. Even if they do, the clinician will be required to diagnose of the partners with a recognized mental health diagnosis in order for the insurance company to approve sessions and reimburse payments. 
  • Insurance Pays For One Therapist
    Insurance companies generally do not cover or pay for more than one therapist in a single session. Why give-up on our unique experience of co-therapy and only work with a single therapist? It doesn't make sense!

Conclusion: Private Pay Therapy With Eric & Erica Is Best For All Clients!

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