Eric & Erica join forces and work jointly with Pre-Marital Couples in co-therapy – providing a unique perspective and experience for our couple clients as they prepare for marriage.

As a husband and wife team, Erica and Eric often work together as a team to provide co-therapy and counseling services to couples. This type of therapy offers a distinctive approach to helping both partners in the relationship because the room is balanced between two members of the couple unit and Eric and Erica as two members of the therapy team.  Erica and Eric are ready to help you both to navigate through the troubled areas in your relationship and provide techniques, exercises and ways to have both partners reach marital satisfaction.

From their experience working with couples,Eric and Erica have seen many men and women express reservations that if they only work with a male therapist, he may favor the male member of the couple. Likewise, if they only work with a female therapist, she may favor the female member of the couple. We believe that people’s perceptions are their reality, and that such perceptions – true or untrue in real life – can inhibit the development of the client-therapist relationship which consists of trust, safety and comfort in being vulnerable in session.

By working together as a team with a couple, we strive to eliminate any of those perceptions. Moreover, although we are married for over 20 years, we each come with our own unique perspective about life, marriage, relationships, children, extended families and therapeutic models of treatment and preferred interventions. When we work in co-therapy session, the couple benefits by having us combine both of our perspectives and professional skills. We view these sessions as “a couple helping a couple” to create a healthy and effective environment for their relationship to be nurtured, thrive, reconnect and restrengthen.

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Pre-Marital Services

You experience many emotions when you are engaged. The idea of committing to each other forever is a beautiful idea. But, there are some practical areas that engaged couples neglect: expectations of marriage, intimacy, spiritual values and having children. Pre-marital services are focused on exploring the strengths and commonalities of your relationship while also identifying potential challenges in your relationship. We assess your communication styles so you can learn how to work through conflict together.

Prepare for a loving marriage

There are many pre-conceptions about marriage, beliefs, views and goals that can often lead to difficulty once you both say “I Do” unless you openly and honestly discuss them prior to walking down the aisle. Discovering Destinies can help to explore these issues that often times are unsettling or uncomfortable to discuss before taking the big leap of marriage. In fact, you may be thinking: “I can’t ask my fiancé about….” or “I’ll just wait until we are married and then we can talk about…” Don’t let fear and apprehension stop you from having such vital conversations that are key to the long-term success of your upcoming marriage.

These are some examples of questions and issues that Discovering Destinies can help you both discuss, evaluate and come to resolution in a peaceful and loving manner:

What influence, if any, do you believe our families should have on our marriage?;

How do you define emotional and physical infidelity?;

Will you go to marriage counseling if I ask you to?;

Where do you want to live? Would living in close proximity to your family change your relational dynamic with each other?;

What happens if one of you changes your spiritual beliefs?;

Discussing pre-marital questions will set you up for a great marriage

Here is how we can help you be prepared for marriage:

Contemplate issues and resolve them in a safe, supportive environment;

Explore how family of origin can impact your relationship;

Discuss similarities or differences pertaining to family rituals, beliefs  and values;

Delve into communication patterns and styles;

Feel more confident in your future and more well-equipped to face conflict;

Explore sensitive and uncomfortable topics in a safe and secure environment;

Assess your strengths and weaknesses not only as a couple, but as individuals as well.

Continue with a Maintenance Program After Your Are Married

Many couples who have completed pre-marital counseling often choose to continue on a Maintenance Program after the wedding. This program of regular, but spaced-out sessions, allows couples the safe-space to discuss issues that arise in their new relationship as a married couple. Some of the common topics for discussion and processing are: children, parenting styles, in-laws, holidays, work-life balance and finances. Feel free to inquire about this special program.

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