Men’s Therapy Services

Being a man in today’s society comes with a lot of challenges. From family to relationships to our professions, there are numerous pressures and stressors affecting each of us on a daily basis. Have you ever asked yourself:

How does one fulfill expectations yet still live a fulfilling life?

Am I unsure about what it means to be a man?

 How do I balance not being too rigid or too passive as a man?

 At what point is working so hard for so long too much of a sacrifice?

 How do I focus on my needs but still be a great husband, father, son or partner?

 Is it okay to admit that I need some help to cope with all of life’s stress?

 Am I ready to learn how to cope, minimize and overcome my stress or anxiety?

I, too, have struggled in my life to find satisfying answers to these questions. I have been to therapy myself to process these and other issues that have impacted my life, my interactions with loved ones, and my professional life. Being an attorney for over 23 years, I have faced enormous pressure to just “win” my cases at any cost. I understand what it feels like to need to perform and be the “man” in the family. The hardest part in my journey was taking the first step and making the call to ask for help. That is something many people struggle with – but it is especially true for men. Asking for help is often something that we resist because it makes us feel vulnerable and insecure.

As you read this page, are you asking yourself any of the following questions:

We didn’t talk about feelings in my family.  I’m not sure I can do this.

We all need places to talk about our feelings, fears, and concerns.  Life is extremely challenging for everyone.  Men often grow up feeling alone and isolated by such outdated beliefs as, “men don’t cry”, or, “its weak to be vulnerable.”  I’ve worked with hundreds of men and can provide you with a safe place to be seen, heard, and understood.

Don’t most men handle their problems on their own?

Men are often alone in their problems due to old, oppressive cultural beliefs about needing to do everything on their own.  Largely because of these beliefs, men are more prone to heart attacks, addictions, and depression than women are.  You deserve to get the help you need and come out of the shadows of isolation.

How long is this going to take?

This is a common question.  The length of time therapy takes to achieve lasting results is different for different men.  However, most men feel a sense of immediate relief within of few sessions of getting the long needed help they have resisted.

Discovering Destinies has the unique experience, understanding and ability to weave your story and make it fit to your desired destiny. We can help you find the coping skills you seek to live a more fulfilling life. We help you use the tools that you already possess, but may not realize how to use them or that you even possess them.

Why continue to complicate matters when Discovering Destinies is ready to help you?

Why not allow yourself to see prior successes as future abilities?

It’s time to make change today… and move forward toward your goal of Discovering your true Destiny.

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