Therapy Services For Men & Women

Discovering Destinies utilizes a variety of approaches that are tailored to each individual’s unique needs. There isn’t a one-size shoe that fits all model for any one person. The first realization is to recognize that you are part of a larger system – your immediate and extended family members and relationships. The second realization is to understand that all behavior makes sense in context. The final realization is to accept that everyone has their own reality which is valid to them – even if you do not understand it at this time.

What does all of this mean to you? How can this systemic view of human behavior help you to cope with problems and issues in your life?

Our core belief is that problems and issues do not reside within you; rather, it is your relationship and interaction with your larger system that is almost always responsible for your perception that someone is a problem and needs to be “fixed.” Through open and honest dialogue, your behavior and the behavioral responses of others within your system will take on different meanings as you better understand your interactions with your larger system of relationships.

It is important to note people and events that surround the development of the symptoms that present in the dysfunction of the family system. Discovering Destinies utilizes the skill of non-judgmental active listening – encouraging the the client to do most of the talking – and then paraphrasing what was said by the client to ensure that the we are accurately understanding and entering the client’s reality. Discovering Destinies does not judge or condemn clients who admit to unhealthy or problematic behaviors or past actions. Rather, we work collaboratively to focus on normalizing, reframing and retelling those experiences and stories in new and meaningful ways to promote the client’s new interactions and behaviors.  Some thoughts that may be running through your mind as you decide whether to seek help are:

What am I seeking or desiring in the professional I want to work with?

Do I want the focus to be just on me, or to also include the larger family system?

Do I recognize that I may be in situations or relationships where I am limited by my own enmeshment with others?

Do I want to learn about a variety of resources that might help me in my quest for personal growth?

Do I want to focus on my individual self-worth?

How would I want to deconstruct my reality in order to focus on the future?

 Am I ready to learn how to cope, minimize and overcome my stress or anxiety?


Discovering Destinies has the unique experience, understanding and ability to weave your story and make it fit to your desired destiny. We can help you find the coping skills you seek to live a more fulfilling life. We help you use the tools that you already possess, but may not realize how to use them or that you even possess them.

Why continue to complicate matters when Discovering Destinies is ready to help you?

Why not allow yourself to see prior successes as future abilities?

It’s time to make change today… and move forward toward your goal of Discovering your true Destiny.

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