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President Bill Clinton once famously said: “mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all”. While not all emotional, relational or family issues involve actual mental illness, the gist of what President Clinton meant is invaluable: sometimes just the thought of being stigmatized because one seeks help is enough to keep a person from obtaining the help or support that they truly need to cope with life’s challenges.

At Discovering Destinies, we understand that concern and ensure that all of our groups operate with one main rule: Never Judge One Another. We are proud to offer tailored support/processing groups that match many needs considering culture, stages in life, coping and problem solving skills, loss and grief, and much more.

Our support/processing groups allow members to safely and freely vent and share their life experiences, whether it is to celebrate successes or support the mishaps of life that challenge us. There is no place for shame, embarrassment, humiliation, judgment or negativity; these groups are designed to allow fluidity of conversation, openness, honesty, difference of opinion, and flexibility, most of all honoring one another’s unique positions in life.

What could members expect to get out of the support/processing groups formed by Discovering Destinies?

 The Hippocratic Oath urges physicians to “first do no harm“. But is that truly sufficient? At Discovering Destinies, we believe in the credo: “first do actual good.” Our support/processing groups focus on improving your life, supporting your coping skills, allowing a safe and confidential place to be open and honest, and to share experiences with other people who are going through similar experiences.

GROUP #1: Parents & Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disabilities & Chronic Illness: Breaking through the Disability Barrier:

As parents of a child with developmental disabilities and chronic medical issues, we intimately understand the challenge that you – the parents and caregivers – face on a daily basis. Eric and Erica of Discovering Destinies just “get it.”  We “get” the pain, the shame, the anger, the sadness, the joy, the challenge, the fear, the dreams, and so on and so on.

This support/processing group is designed to help you process the feelings and emotions stemming from caring for your child. We also desire to break the disability barrier that separates family and friends who just don’t really understand your experience. Feeling lost is a common experience among parents and caregivers who have children diagnosed with mental illness, developmental disabilities, or chronic/terminal illnesses. Parents can sometimes feel like a teakettle running out of steam, trying to figure out how to navigate and access resources and relevant information for their sick children. Discovering Destinies truly understands the hand that you were dealt since Erica and Eric are playing from the same deck.

Skeptics (doctors, teachers and even extended family members) may have told you that you are making things “bigger than they are,” or that “all children act out – it’s normal.”  We’ve heard that too!  Join Discovering Destinies where everyone is encourage and free to voice their unique concerns related to their child, learn and receive support from others who “get it” and collaboratively work together towards mutual solutions and collaboration.

Our support/processing groups are specifically built upon the following principles:

♦ It’s not just about a cure or putting a band-aid on our feelings, its about acceptance from family, friend and society;

♦ Building a safe space to express our voices and allow a wide range of feelings (e.g., love/hate) a place to be liberated;

♦ Harnessing our collective power to overcome the desperate feelings we face on a daily basis;

♦ Coping with society’s stigmas unfairly associated with “developmentally disabled” and “mental health illness;” and

♦ Feeling comforted by other families experiencing a similar challenge and getting tips to help when “the going gets rough” and before it gets “too much” to deal with.

We are pleased to be facilitating two Support Groups for Parents of Children with Special Needs. One is located in Boca Raton, Florida at We Rock The Spectrum, and the second is located in Davie, Florida at We Rock The Spectrum. If you are interested in learning more about this Group (or our other groups in planning, such as Support Group for Dads of Children with Special Needs and Support Group for Teens with Siblings with Special Needs), please click on the images below and complete the Contact Form below, and we will add you to our list of parents and loved-ones to contact with updates. No reservations are required to join these groups.

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