Family Therapy Services

Every family is a unique system of people, with its own structure, values, and goals. Often families find that during times of stress or transition they experience conflict that they can’t resolve on their own. When working with the family unit, no one individual is the “cause of the problem;” rather, the entire family works to change their patterns and every family member be heard and supported.

Some common struggles families experience are child behavioral problems, loss of a loved one, blending families and step parenting, divorce, substance abuse, eating disorders, or coping with other mental health issues. Often, family therapy is a helpful addition to family members’ individual therapy. Our main focus is to strive to connect with each member of the family and work to change the family dynamic to strengthen healthy family relationships, improve communication, and reduce conflict.

Discovering Destinies aims to place families in alignment with one another. Often times a family system has faced underlying issues that may keep them at polarizing ends. We can support your family by developing a plan and implementing goals and treatment methods to confront those difficulties experienced by all family members. We have the knowledge of community resources to support family wellness. We promote best practices that support families of diverse cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Depending on the style and context given in your family dynamic, Discovering Destinies works with meeting each member where they are at in terms of the presenting issue. We do not cookie cut our services, but rather tailor it to best suit the needs of the family. It is our belief that each family member be heard in a safe space. By accommodating this belief, we feel that we can mutually arrive at the resolutions best suited on both ends.

Erica is able to combine her over 20 years of experience working with children as a teacher and pre-school director, along with her training received as part of her Master’s Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Elementary/Early Childhood Education, to provide a unique approach to working with families with children of all ages, and an intuitive ability to connect and join with children almost instantly.

If your family is experiencing any discord, anxiety, stress, conflict, parent-child issues, special-needs related trauma or challenges, then please  contact Discovering Destinies to help you and your family move forward in peace and harmony.

Let us help your family navigate challenges

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