Therapy Services When Experiencing Divorce

Erica not only practices Marriage and Family Therapy, but is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator -who understands not only the emotional toll that divorce takes on men and women, but the totality of the divorce process.  Erica works sensitively with her clients to process the feelings regarding an upcoming, pending or prior divorce, and how that experience has affected the individual.

Any divorce, regardless if high-conflict or low-conflict, contested or uncontested, mutual or one-sided, have an effect on not only the couple, but extends outward and touches many people within the individual’s extended circle. This includes family members like parents and siblings, children, social friends and even work colleagues. Each of your relationships will inevitably be affected by your divorce in one way or another.

Seeking therapy services during or after a divorce is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign of undeniable strength and conviction towards a healthy, productive and happy life ahead. Erica works from a wide range of techniques, theories, skills and beliefs so that your therapy is tailored and unique to you and your situation. Erica does not believe in, nor engage in, cookie-cutter therapy. To be effective, she first learns about your particular situation, your needs, concerns, sensitivities, beliefs, values, culture and other similar issues to then tailor a treatment plan and therapy services specific to you.

At this time, you may be pondering any of the following thoughts and not sure how to proceed:

 Do I really want a divorce?

 How will my family, friends and children react?

 I’ve been married for so long; I don’t even know who I am anymore?

 I’m scared to be alone?

 My self-worth is so low. How can I ever recover from divorce?

How can I start to get unstuck and looked towards a productive future?

 Can therapy really help me be able to cope with my situation or to minimize and overcome my stress or anxiety?

Erica has the unique experience, understanding and ability to weave your story and make it fit to your desired destiny. She is ready to help you find the coping skills you seek to live a more fulfilling life in this next chapter of your life; a chapter waiting to be written.  Erica will help you use the tools that you already possess, but may not realize how to use them or that you even possess them.

Why continue to complicate matters when Discovering Destinies is ready to help you?

Why not allow yourself to see prior successes as future abilities?

It’s time to make change today… and move forward toward your goal of Discovering your true Destiny.