Eric & Erica join forces and work jointly with couples in co-therapy – providing a unique perspective and experience for our couple clients.

As a Husband and Wife Team of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Erica and Eric work together in a Co-Therapy format to provide therapy and counseling services to couples. This type of therapy offers a distinctive approach to helping both partners in the relationship because the room is balanced between two members of the couple unit and Eric and Erica as two members of the therapy team. Erica and Eric are ready to help you both to navigate through the troubled areas in your relationship and provide techniques, exercises and ways to have both partners reach marital satisfaction.

From their experience working with couples,Eric and Erica have seen many men and women express reservations that if they only work with a male therapist, he may favor the male member of the couple. Likewise, if they only work with a female therapist, she may favor the female member of the couple. We believe that people’s perceptions are their reality, and that such perceptions – true or untrue in real life – can inhibit the development of the client-therapist relationship which consists of trust, safety and comfort in being vulnerable in session.

By working together as a team with a couple, we strive to eliminate any of those perceptions. Moreover, although we are married for over 20 years, we each come with our own unique perspective about life, marriage, relationships, children, extended families and therapeutic models of treatment and preferred interventions. When we work in co-therapy session, the couple benefits by having us combine both of our perspectives and professional skills. We view these sessions as “a couple helping a couple” to create a healthy and effective environment for their relationship to be nurtured, thrive, reconnect and restrengthen.

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Marriage & Relationship Therapy/Counseling Services with Eric & Erica

Marriage is not 50-50, only divorce is. In a healthy and satisfying marriage/relationship, you – and your partner/spouse – EACH needs to give 100%: effort, desire, love, motivation, compassion, empathy …. Despite common perception, a long-term successful marriage (or any successful relationship) is not 2-halves coming together  as 1. Rather, it is 2-ones coming together and growing into an exponentially larger, successful and powerful unit. In essence, it is not the equation of “1/2 + 1/2 = 1” but “1 + 1 = 3 or 4 or 10 or 100”. There are no limits to how much a successful couple can accomplish and become. The focus is about giving everything you have to each other!

Often times we fall in love but the love that we thought would remain forever starts to fade. When we enter into a relationship we each share a distinct definition to the meaning of L-O-V-E. You might be thinking right now: “what does love mean to me or us as a couple?”

A strong bond is something that is special, whether it is in the form of a friendship or relationship. Discovering Destinies can help you repair your relationship if it is in jeopardy of falling apart. We can also help strengthen the core of your relationship in bettering the spark that once was at the beginning of your relationship.

Once you have discussed your relationship and have tied the knot, maybe even been married for a milestone date in marriage, you have periodically thought about your communication skills, or lack thereof.  You might be thinking of trying to communicate with your spouse but feel like no matter what you say you are “wrong”, or feel “imprisoned” by your words? You might be thinking about questions such as:

Is there a way we can get through this rocky time together?

How can we get back to that time when we admired the kind words that we told one another?

✓ Since words hurt and we can’t take back what was said, how can we work to replace hurt for love?

✓ What would emotional intimacy look like if we were at a “safe” place?

We believe that our approach will enable the couple to resolve an exploration of the symbolic meaning of the partner’s views on those gridlocked issues. We have the experience, education and perspective to help find the cycle back to the foundation of the relationship-involving metaphors, symbols, narratives, and dreams-which will ultimately ignite intimacy not further estrangement.

We can help you & your partner overcome challenges and develop more effective and positive communication

Discovering Destinies can help to restore your relationship and bridge the gap between what you desire and what currently exists within your marriage.

Often time’s couples go through many cycles in their relationship that disrupts their homeostasis. They find it challenging to get back on track and resume their ‘normalcy’. Discovering Destinies can assist and offer guidance in breaking those cycles that have gridlocked the relationship, and in turn resulted in perpetual conflict.

You have tried to resolve these things but may not have targeted your needs thoroughly, so questions to ask yourself would be:

Have you listened to your partner and made sure you understood the problem by repeating it back to them?

What do you think we could have done different to ensure we set the right track?

What do you think needs to happen to make things right?

How many times have you wanted more fulfillment out of your relationship, but are at an impasse in obtaining it?

Have you attempted to give thought to:

✓ What did you think when you realized what had happened?

✓ What relational impact has this had on you and those that are affected?

✓ What has been the hardest thing for you to identify within your self?

Discovering Destinies is here to travel with you on your love quest journey-whether that means “to have and to hold”, “cradling your love”, or finding your own “love map” in order to figure out the temperature of your relationship, we will be there!

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