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Women, especially Millennials, often struggle with past traumas, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and relationship challenges. To the outside word and even to their own family members, today's women often present as-if everything's great and all's well. To their children, they are just mom and doing all of the mom things they expect. To their partners, they are just a spouse or girlfriend doing the typical partner things they expect. To their employers, they are just an employee doing their job tasks. However, inside they can feel disconnected, disengaged, and dissatisfied. They may have trouble expressing themselves or being assertive for fear of disappointing others. They may struggle to not let past traumas and lived-experiences impact their present realities. They may struggle evolving as a woman as they get older and move into different stages of life.
It can all feel so overwhelming!!!

Common Issues

I Love Helping Women Better Cope With Issues Impacting Their Lives

Feeling "Outside-In":

It's very common for Millennial women to struggle with the pressure to meet expectations of parents, friends, romantic partners, employers and society in general. Is life full of an immense pressure to succeed, but also shame for struggling? Do you wear a strong mask to the outside world, but take it off in private and feel insecure, inadequate or confused? Have you worn these masks for so long that it's hard to peel it off your face? Are you ready to take-off the masks and show the world and yourself the true authentic you? Let me help you in a sensitive, understanding and non-judgmental environment

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Parental "Un-Ties"

It is often difficult to cope with having different values, belief and judgments than your parents. Do you feel confused about how to balance these different beliefs? Do your parents "guilt" or "shame" you for having different values or views than they do? How do you stay connected to parents and family while maintaining your independence as a woman? If you are a mom or grandmother, do you struggle incorporating the views and beliefs of the younger generation with your own? Let's explore your family relationships and make new "knots."

Finding Myself in the "Me" Generation

Women in the "Me" generation reap the benefits of being powerful, independent, educated and skilled . Yet, despite these achievements, women are often left feeling unsure as to their true identity. I often hear women in their 20s-40s ask me: "am I really "good-enough?" The dichotomy between their outward successes as compared to their inner feelings of inadequacy or insecurity is striking, confusing and frustrating. The central difference between these women and previous generations is how they communicate. This generation deserves a tailored approach and therapists who are able to relate to a women's concerns others might dismiss. I am dedicated to accepting you as you are and not trying to change you. Let's dive deep together and find your true "Selfie."

Romance Without Strings Attached

Many women want romance and substantive relationships with their partners, but are choosing to delay or avoid long-term commitment and marriage. It can be confusing to seek satisfying and meaningful romantic relationships in a "swipe-left/right" world where "quickies" are becoming the expected norm. According to Pew Research, today's women are 10 to 20 percent less likely to have wed in their 20s than their parents, and the median age at first marriage is now the highest in modern history: 29 for men and 27 for women. Let's explore your emotions and find the perfect balance of love, commitment and satisfaction in your romantic relationships.

Mother-Daughter Relationships

On paper, there may be no closer relationship in the world than that of a mother and her daughter. The relationships between parents and children alone create a bond that can never be truly broken, but mothers and daughters typically have an even closer bond to each other. Unfortunately, with that strong bond, can come even stronger conflicts and challenges. As daughters grow from childhood into their teenage years, they often stop relying on mom for everything as they find their own place into their developing womanhood. Is you role as "mom" or "daughter" unclear? During this transition period, moms often struggle as they feel their 'motherhood' and guidance is no longer welcome, or, in some case, rejected by their adult children. Let Me Help Restore That Bond.

Other Common Issues

Millennial women are complex and unique individuals. While you are your girlfriend or sister may have a similar situation or problem, you will each experience it in vastly different ways. Do you want to develop a better and more satisfying sense of self? Are you feeling anxious, sad or depressed? Are you struggling with issues of self-esteem or body image? Are you suffering due to a traumatic event, such as childhood abuse? Do you give too much to others and don’t get enough of what you need or deserve? Do you often feel hurt by friends, family or your partner? Are you often finding yourself in challenging or unsatisfying relationships?  Are you grieving the loss of a relationship or loved-one?  Are you experiencing sexual issues or struggling with compulsive behaviors? Regardless of the "problem," it is solvable.  Let Me Help.

Millennial Women experience many issues that are beyond their control, but dramatically and significantly impact their lives. Regardless if it results from depression, anxiety, eating-disorders, compulsions, postpartum depression, abuse/intimate-partner violence, infertility, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality or parent-child interactions, women often suffer in silence - as they feel the pressure from society, friends and family to be a “strong woman” - or, as in commonly referred to today, a “Badass Woman.”

Why I'm Unique

Experienced and Dedicated Professional, Former Teacher, & Mom of 2 Teens

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist:

I am passionate about working with women who are searching to feel heard, validated, understood, and, above all else, accepted. I understand that you want a safe space to process your feelings in order to balance life, work, school, relationships and family pressures. Modern women face enormous challenges in today's society. I am dedicated to creating an environment for you to explore your emotions, inner thoughts and feelings with me in an unbiased, non-judgmental and relatable way. As a professional woman, I understand the challenges that today's women face in her many roles. It's okay to need help. It's okay to feel vulnerable. It's okay to just be you.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist:

Exploring The Larger Systems In Your Life:

Despite the best intentions of our girlfriends and family members who may occasionally lend an-ear to hear our stories and sympathize or give common-sense advice, they are not equipped to help us process and explore our emotions in a healthy and productive manner. As a woman, mother, daughter, sister, wife and, most importantly, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am dedicated to providing a safe, understanding and non-judgmental place to help women of all ages and backgrounds to “explore their emotions” so that they can process their feelings and grow healthier as women. While our sessions will be about you, we will also explore your presenting concerns in the context of your larger systems, such as family, partner, friends and work. 

Work With Teen, Parents & Siblings:

The Problem Is The Problem:

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I firmly adhere to the belief that the person isn't the problem - the problem is the problem. That means that when I work with a client, I don't see or view her as being the problem. Rather, my focus is on how a situation or condition in her life become a problem for her or for relationships that she has. This perspective is fundamental to my focus on patterns and relationships. I work with women to discover how they relate to others in their life, how those relationships impact their own identity, and how to cope and adapt to their ever-changing nature. Most importantly, I accept my clients where they are in life – and do not focus on changing them. Remember, its the problem that needs to be solved - not you that needs to change.

The Problem Is The Problem:

Experienced & Non-Judgmental:

My experience working with women from their 20s all the way through their 70s and 80s has taught me that even the most clinically sophisticated approaches and interventions are only effective if the therapist delivering them comes from a place of connection, compassion, and hope. I pride myself on joining with the women that I help using different strategies and modalities best suited to her unique needs and personality.  Therapy helps women to process and cope with the feelings, emotions and issues that they face on a daily basis. It provides an effective way to combat insecurities, feeling misunderstood, find their inner-voice that may feel lost or missing, or to simply develop better tools to cope with life’s endless challenges. Despite the best intentions of friends and family members who may occasionally lend an-ear to hear your story and sympathize or give common-sense advice, they are often not equipped to help you process and explore their emotions in a healthy and productive manner. 

Learning skills


ERICA is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Family Trauma Professional and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. I've earned Masters Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as in Education.

PASSIONATE, experienced and sensitive therapist specializing in working with Teenagers, Adolescents, Women, Couples and Families.  I accept my clients where they are in life – and do not focus on changing them. It takes tremendous courage to face your fears, address your weaknesses and ask for help, guidance and compassion from another person. Allow me the honor to show you the respect you deserve, and embrace your stories and unique experiences with the goal of helping you reach your dreams, overcome difficulties, and thrive as you traverse life’s paths towards Discovering your True Destiny..

Erica H. Epstein, LMFT

affordable RATES

Private Pay & Insurance Options

AFFORDABLY priced private-pay session fees accommodate almost all budgets. One advantage of choosing the private-pay option is that only my clients and I are the ones who determine the number and frequency and length of sessions - not an insurance company.

INSURANCE is accepted only for individual (not couples or families) clients who have mental health insurance benefits provided by: Aetna, Optum (Oxford, UMR, Oscar Health, Avmed) Cigna, and United Healthcare. Insurance benefits are verified and claims are processed through out billing/administrative partner, Headway Florida Behavioral Health Services, P.A. and/or Grow Healthcare Group, P.A.

There are many pros/cons about choosing between private pay and insurance options.

Benefits of Therapy For Millennials

Trauma Resolution

Women may recognize trauma and abuse as part of their histories, but often are unaware of how they are adversely affected by these events in their current life. I can help you process the pain and reduce its damaging impact.

Depression & Anxiety

Many women come to counseling suffering from depression or anxiety, regardless if diagnosed or undiagnosed. I provide strategies to change your thinking and explore the root causes of the unwanted feelings.

Self Esteem

Many women struggle with self-esteem issues. This concept is about two related words. The "Self" is answering the question: who am I now as a teen? "Esteem" is answering the question: how do I value who I am now?

Fix Smaller Issues

Therapy doesn’t need to be reserved for life altering events or major concerns. I work with women who only want to tweak some aspects of their life. I can help prevent your minor issues from turning into major problems.

Life Transitions

Transitions can be difficult for women. Regardless of the change (relationship status, career, motherhood, empty nest, or loss of a loved one), I can help you process the feelings and learn coping skills to adapt..

Self Care

Women often think of self-care as external and not about their inner needs. They put others’ needs before their own. I help women heal their inner self, and find a satisfying balance between their own needs and the needs of others.


1 In 5

Women who have experienced a mental health condition in the past year (SMAHSA)


The percentage of women with an anxiety disorder.(

1 in 8

The median number of sessions attended (65% completed within 20 session).



The percentage of couples who found therapy to be helpful to very helpful.


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Satisfied Clients...

Anonymous Teen

Her strategies were fun and creative... a safe space... without feeling judged...

" As a teen, it can feel overwhelming to go into therapy. Ms. Erica opened my eyes up to all these new possibilities I never knew existed. Her strategies were fun and creative, allowing me to really understand the root of my anxieties or stressors. It made me feel safe, it was like a safe space where I could say anything and everything without feeling judged in any way, shape, or form... "

Anonymous Couple

Having them allows for both husband and wife to feel comfortable...

"Eric and Erica are both wonderful!! They opened my eyes up to things I never thought of before and taught me not only skills I can use in my relationship, but in life. Having them both in couples therapy allows for both husband and wife to feel comfortable and feel as if the therapy isn’t one sided. Thank you both for everything!."


I think he is a great therapist...and makes people feel comfortable...

" Eric was a great help during a difficult transitory period in my life. He accurately assessed my underlying issues, and regularly brought attention to several recurring thoughts & circumstances, many of which I was unaware of. I think he is a great therapist, and is able to make people from almost any background and perspective feel comfortable with sharing their problems with him..."

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